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How do I change the course image?

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The moment a course environment is assigned to you, it will already have a banner: an image on top of the Course Home page. This image is also the thumbnail for your course in the course overview and therefore allows students to easily navigate to your course.
As a teacher you can alter the banner to make it more appropriate for your course. Brightspace allows you to upload your own images or to make use of the Brightspace image library. Select, or create an image, that says something about your course. 

  • Navigate from your homepage to your course. You end up at the Course Home.
  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the banner.
  2. Select Change Image.
  1. Scroll through the images or directly search for an image using the search bar.
  2. Move your cursor to the image that you would like to use. The text Use This Image will appear. Click on the text and the image will be used as banner.
  3. Select Upload if you would like to use your own images.
  4. Click on the cross to return to the Course Home without changing the image.  

An uploaded image can be depicted differently than intended due to the fact that Brightspace automatically adjusts the screen resolutions and sizes to optimize the user experience on different devices. Therefore we recommend you to use an image size of 2400 x 980 pixels.

Remove/recover the Course Banner

You can remove the course banner by clicking the dots in the upper right corner and then selecting Remove This Banner. You only remove this banner from your course home page, but not from your personal home page. You can also reverse this action.

  1. Navigate to your personal homepage by clicking the Radboud University icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Click the three dots icon in the image of the desired course.
  3. Click Course Offering Information (first click Change Image if you would like to choose another image).
  1. Beneath Course Image you can choose another image. However, ou do not have access to the Brightspace Image Library with this route. You can only select images from your Course Offering Files, Locker, Grouplocker or from your computer).
  2. Beneath Homepage Banner you check the Display the image in a banner on the course homepage box.
  3. Click Save

Another possibility is to navigate to Course Offering Information via Administration > Course Admin > Site Setup > Course Offering Information.

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