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How do I add an assignment to Content?

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Read about creating a new assignment and read about everything that is possible with Assignments.

Adding an Assignment

Have you created an assignment for a course? Add it to a (sub)module on the course content page so that students can easily access it. 

  • Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course. 
  • Navigate to the (sub)module it concerns.
  • Click Existing Activities.
  • Click Assignments.
  • Click on the desired assignment. 

Graders are not able to download files from Content. If the graders need files to assess an assignment, you will need to upload the files as an attachment to the assignment in Assignments. You can read more about adding an attachment to an assignment in the article How do I create an Assignment?

Group assignment

When you add a group assignment to Content, students cannot see it concerns a group assignment, unless this is described explicitly in the assignment's instructions.

When students navigate to the Assignments homepage  they can immediately see which assignments are group assignments.

Adding video assignments to Content

Students are not able to hand in video assignments from Content. When handing in an assignment in Assignments, students are able to add comments. From here, they can attach the video from Kaltura. There is no possibility to add comments in Content. Thus, it is advised to create a File under Content (web page) and to add a link to the assignment in question, so that students will be directed to the right screen when clicking the link (see explanation below).

  • Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course.
  • Navigate to the right (sub)module.
  1. Click Upload/Create.
  2. Select Create a File in the drop-down menu.
  1. Give the file a name.
  2. Explain in the text field that they can submit their assignment via the link in this file. 
  3. Click the Quicklink icon. Select Assignments in the menu and then select the assignment you created earlier. 
  4. Click Save and Close to place the file with the link to the assignment in the (sub)module.
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