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How can I experience my course as a student?

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During the process of designing your course, you can view and experience your course from the perspective of a student. This enables you to check if everything is working as it is supposed to and if you are satisfied with the layout of your course. To view the course from the perspective of a student, use View as Student. To actually experience the course as a student, you can use a dummystudent: a fictional student that you can add to your course. You can then let this dummystudent walk through your course.

  • Unlike regular students, future and inactive courses are shown when you view your course as a dummystudent. This way teachers can use dummystudents while building the course (which is often before the start date or while the course is inactive).
  • You cannot use the dummystudents for testing Notifications because a dummystudent has a noreply email address.

Using a Dummystudent

Before you can use a dummystudent, it has to be added to your course first. To do so, contact the ICT support staff of your faculty so that they can assist you with that. As soon as the dummystudent has been added to your course, you will see it in the course Classlist with "Dummystudent" as its assigned Role

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Classlist.
  • Search for 'Dummy' in the search bar above the classlist.

The username of the dummystudent consists of the following: DUMMYSTUDENT - the first three letters of your faculty - a number. Be mindful of the fact that the search option is case sensitive. You will have to use 'Dummy' or 'DUMMY' as a search term in order to find the Dummy accounts.

  • Click the fold-out arrow of the Dummystudent.
  • Click Impersonate. You will see the following notification:
  • Click Yes

You are now logging in as a Dummystudent. You will see you are impersonating a Dummystudent in the top-right corner of your screen. You are now able to do everything a student can do, such as handing in assignments and enrolling in groups for instance. You can add the Dummystudent to groups and sections to test release conditions. 

Stop using a Dummystudent

  1. Click the name of the Dummystudent at the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click the 'X'.

Remove a Dummystudent

There is a limited number of Dummystudents available for each of the faculties. This is why it is best to have the Dummystudent removed from your course as soon as you do not need it anymore. To do so, contact the ICT support staff of your faculty.

When you are logged in as a Dummystudent, you also have access to other courses the Dummystudent is enrolled in through the course selector. For that reason, Dummystudent accounts are linked to a specific faculty and are managed by the faculty's ICT support staff. 

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