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How do I use grade schemes?

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An instructional video is included for this subject. This instructional video will provide a step-by-step explanation about how you can use grade schemes. Below the video you will find the written manual.

Grade scheme homepage

Grade schemes make it possible to have a say in how grades are registered. You can decide if the grades should be changed to a symbol, text, or rounded up to a certain percentage.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Grades.
  • Navigate to Schemes (third tab). You will be directed to the grade scheme homepage. Here you will find an overview of all available schemes.
  • Use the buttons at the top to perform actions:
    • Click  New Scheme to create a new scheme.
    • Click More Actions to copy the existing schemes (Copy) or delete them (Delete).
  • You will see several columns in the table.
    • Under Scheme Name you will find an overview of existing grade schemes.
    • Under Default Scheme you will find the current, active assessment scheme.
  • Under Set As Default you can click on the check mark to make another scheme active.
  • The scheme named Grades 0-10 - rounded to 0,1 points is the default assessment scheme, defined by organisational level. The two schemes below it are also defined by organisational level.

Creating a grade scheme

  • Navigate to the grade scheme homepage.
  • Click New Scheme.
  1. Fill in a name for your grade scheme.
  2. Give your scheme a shortened name (optional).
  3. You can fill in the grade scheme in the table:
    • Under Symbol, fill in the name of each element in your grade scheme. For example: 
      • Letters (A+, A, B, C, D, F)
      • Numbers (1 - 10)
      • Text (fail, pass, very well)
    • Use Start to enter the percentage that will be used when handing out Symbols.
    • You can match a specific colour with the concerned symbol under Colour.
    • You can add the actual grade the student will receive under Assigned Value.
  4. Click Add Ranges to add new lines to the grade scheme. Add multiple lines simultaneously by increasing the number behind Add Ranges.

If you do not want to display colour schemes or symbols to your students, read the article How do I adjust settings in the grade book? to learn more about what students can and cannot see in your course's Grades.

Using the Grade scheme

After creating a grade scheme, you need to select it before you can use it. You can do this by selecting the desired scheme as default on the grade scheme homepage (see top of this article).

Please note: Existing Grades will be adapted to fit the current Grade scheme if you make changes to the Grade scheme in your Gradebook. If you do not want existing items to be altered you have to create a new grade scheme.

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