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How do I use the Classlist?

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View classlist

  • Go to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Classlist.
  • You will see an overview of all students and teachers (including assessors) in the course. If you see a green dot next to a person's name, they are online.
  • You can see the role of the person beneath Role.
  • Below the table you will see how many participants are currently in the course. The All tab will show you the total number of participants for this course.

You can filter the users on groups:

  • Click the drop-down menu next to View By.
  • Click Groups.
  • Click Apply.
  • Behind Groups you select the group on which you want to filter.

You can also flag persons. You do this by clicking the flag icon next to the picture of the person. You can flag someone if you want to find them easily.

You can search for specific students / teachers by typing the person's name in the search bar (Search For). Click on Show Search Options to do a more specific search.

  • Search in: Select if you are searching by first name, last name and/or username.
  • Search Type: You can either search for an exact match, a name that contains the search term, or a name that starts with the search term.
  • Role: Search by role.
  • Flagged: Search for flagged/unflagged persons.
  • Online Status: Search for users that are online/offline.
  • Active Status: Search for users that are set on active/inactive.
  • If you only want to see teachers or students, navigate to the Teacher tab or the Student tab.
  • You can also see which groups a student is in:
    • Click the fold-out arrow next to the name.
    • Click View Group Enrolments for. A new window (pop-up) opens in which you can see in which group(s) the student is.

Overview course enrolments

  • Click Enrolment Statistics for an overview of enrolments and un-enrolments.

The overview shows all possible roles and how many people with a certain role are in your course. For example, you see how many students are enroled (Enrolments) and how many students have withdrawn and when (Withdrawals). You can still e-mail people who have un-enroled.

It is not possible to manually add students or employees from OSIRIS to the course (via Add Participants). Please contact OSIRIS management for this. The same applies for assigning roles. For more information, see the article on roles and rights in Brightspace.

Exception: in courses with no link between Brightspace and OSIRIS, the coordinator of the course can add users to the course.

Add a person as coordinator

  1. Click Add Participants to add persons to the course. 
  2. Then click Add existing users.
  1. Type the first name, last name or username in the search bar below Add Existing Users. Click the magnifying glass.
  2. Select the person(s) you want to add.
  3. Give the person(s) a role (for example teacher or student). You provide a user with a role at Enrolment Options. Select a role at Set all roles to and click Set all roles.
  4. You will recognise previously enroled users in the classlist by the icon behind their name.
  5. Click Enrol Selected Users to add all selected persons.

You can only search on one search term at once. This means that if you want to add several people you have to look up and add them one by one.

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