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How do I create an information block (File) file in my course?

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In the Content menu of your course you can create an HTML information page, which makes accessing information for students easier. You can add these pages (Files) to a (sub)module so that every new file will appear as a topic within this (sub)module. This file can contain text, media, and/or links with which you can inform your students about a certain part of the course or redirect them to a specific activity.

  • Go to Content in the navbar of your course.
  1. Go to the (sub)module to which you want to add an HTML file. 
  2. Click Upload/Create.
  3. Click Create a File. The HTML-editor will open in a new window.

Graders in your course cannot download attachments added in Content. If you add an assignment to Content and place the instructions in the file in Content, they cannot use the file when assessing the assignment. If graders need the attachment, you should therefore not add it to Content, but to the assignment in Assignments. You can read how to add an attachment to an assignment in the article How do I create an assignment?

  1. Give the file a title.
  2. Add a description. Add (video) files, quick links to other content in the course, or equations if needed. You can read more about this in the article What is the Editor?
  3. You can change where you want to put the File in the folder structure of this course. This folder structure can be found and created in Manage Files.
  4. Click on Publish if you want to create and place your file directly or select Save  if you want to edit it at a later moment.
  • You can always find your File in Manage Files. You can use Add Content Topic to easily add a File to different (sub)modules. If you want to use a File in different (sub)module you will only need to create it once as you can easily copy it to different places in your course.
  • If you want to know how to edit the properties of the topic or how to move the topic to a different place in content, please read the article How do I edit the properties of a topic and how do I move a topic?
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