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How do I add a link to my course?

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In the Content menu of your course you can add course material like links. A link allows you to easily guide a student to information from an external source. You can add these links to a (sub)module so that every new link will appear as a topic within this (sub)module.

  • Go to Content in the navbar of your course.
  1. Go to the (sub)module to which you want to add a link.  
  2. Click Upload/Create.
  3. Click Create a Link. A new window will open.
  1. Give the new link a title.
  2. Place the url. Check the Open as External Resource box if you want the url to open in a new tab.
  3. Click Create.
  • Always check Open as External Resource if the url starts with https://. Otherwise, a blank page is displayed in Brightspace.
  • Links that redirect to information stored in protected environments (e.g.: Raboudnet) will not work.

If you want to know how to edit the properties of the topic or how to move the topic to a different place in content, please read the article How do I change the properties of a topic and how do I move a topic?

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