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How do I create a chat for my course?

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Brightspace also offers a chat feature. Participants can use this chat to communicate with one another within the Brightspace course. This manual will explain how to use this chat feature.

Create a chat

Go to your course and choose where you want to add a Chat to Content.

  • Go to Content in the navbar of your course.
  • Decide where you want to add the Chat, for example in Week 3.
  • Click Existing Activities.
  • Select Chat.
  • After you have selected Chat the window above will open.
  • Click Create new Chat if you want to create a new chat.

If you want to add a previously created chat, you can select it here.

  • Name your chat and add a description.
  • Click Create and Insert to save the changes and add them to the course.
  • You will now return to Content.

The chat has now been added to your course.

This is what the active chat looks like. The chat will be closed and emptied after 15 minutes of inactivity. Students will not be able to access chats after they are closed. Lecturers, on the other hand, are able to retrieve old chats.

The chat feature has limited options: participants can type a message, but that is all. They cannot add attachments, images, or links. The benefit of the chat feature is that it is live; you can immediately see who posted what. This means that the chat is useful for short questions.

The chat is on a course level and accessible to all participants of the course.

Do you want to create a chat for a specific group of students? Then you have to use Release Conditions. Read more:

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