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How do I use bookmarks?

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You can use bookmarks to quickly access specific topics within a course. By bookmarking a topic, you can create a link that will then appear in your Bookmarks overview. There are two ways to get to the overview: by clicking Course Home or Content.

1. Via Course Home:
when you click on a course in Brightspace, the Course Home page opens. You will find your bookmarks on the bottom right side of your screen. Click one of these bookmarks to open the specified topic.

2. Via Content:
click Content in the navbar of the course. Your last visited module will open. Click Bookmarks in the left sidebar to open the list of your bookmarked topics. The number next to Bookmarks shows the amount of topics you have bookmarked. Select the topic you wish to navigate to.

Creating bookmarks

To create bookmarks: 

  1. Go to the module where the topic you need is located.
  2. Click the desired topic or object.

3. Click the bookmark icon in the top right side of the window to add it to your list of Bookmarks. Note that the bookmark icon will turn blue after clicking it.

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