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How do I exempt a student from an assignment, quiz or other activity (grade item)?

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It might occur that you want to exempt one or several students (exemptions) from certain assignments, quizzes or other Activities. For example, students can get into trouble if they have a lot of obligations for different courses. You can then choose to make deals with specific students regarding the requirements of your course.
When you have decided that a student does not have to do a certain assignment, or that they can submit it later or differently, you also have to change this in the grade book, so that this assignment will not be a part of the student's final grade.

Please note that this only applies if you have attached grade items to the specific assignments and when you use Brightspace to calculate the final grade automatically.

You can exempt students from grade items at any moment. The easiest way to do so is through Enter Grades.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Grades.

If the grade item is a release condition for another component of your course then the condition will not be triggered after you have exempted a student for the grade item. Pay attention to the fact that you will need to release this component for the student(s) with an exemption. 

  • Navigate to Enter Grades (first tab).

Use Enter Grades to exempt several students for a specific grade item at once. You can also use this feature to exempt a specific student for multiple grade items.

For one grade item

  1. Click Enter Grades (first tab).
  2. Click on the fold-out arrow next to the grade item for which you want to provide an exemption. 
  3. Click Enter Grades
  1. Select the students you wish to exempt from this grade item.
  2. Click Exempt.
  3. Click Save and Close to return to Enter Grades.

It is easy to revoke exemptions. Select the student(s) with an exemption and then click Unexempt.

For one student

  1. Click Enter Grades (first tab).
  2. Click on the fold-out arrow next to the student that you want to exempt from certain grade items. 
  3. Click Bulk edit exemptions.
  1. Select the grade items for which you wish to exempt the student.
  2. Click Save and Close to save the exemption(s) and to return to Enter Grades.

In the grade book you will then see the exemptions for each student. 

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