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How do I give someone access to my course?

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For all OSIRIS education, it has been determined that OSIRIS is leading for the course administration. All students and teachers who are involved in a specific course need to be registered in OSIRIS. Once a person is registered in OSIRIS they will have access to the specific course with all the functionalities that correspond with their role. This link between OSIRIS and Brightspace is ‘real-time’, meaning that any changes made in OSIRIS will be visible in Brightspace immediately.

It is therefore not possible to manually add students or other teachers to your course. Please contact the OSIRIS-administrator of your faculty if you want to add anybody to your course.  

When it comes to assigning other roles in Brightspace, it is important to know that teachers can add users with subordinate roles themselves.

Exception: in case your Brightspace course is not linked to OSIRIS, contact the course coordinator of this specific course to add someone.

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