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How do I copy a SCORM object?

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It is possible to copy a SCORM object to a different course. When you copy an entire course that contains a SCORM object, you have to be mindful of the way Brightspace copies the grade item. Brightspace will automatically generate a grade item, but the SCORM object will not be automatically be transferred to the goal course the right way. This means two grade items will be created in the goal course:

  • One grade item with the correct settings for the Grade Scheme.
  • One grade item with the right Association External Learning Tool. This will only appear after a student has submitted something.

Do you want to know more about adding a SCORM object to your course? You can read the following article: How do I add a SCORM object to my course? 

Copy just the SCORM object

The problem with the grade items will not occur if the SCORM object is the only thing you copy from one course to another.

  1. Click on the gear wheel icon in the minibar. 
  2. Click Import/Export/Copy Components.
  1. Select Copy Components from another Org Unit.
  2. Click Search for offering  to select the course in which the desired SCORM object can be found. A new window will open.
  1. Find the right course.
  2. Select the course.
  3. Click Add Selected.
  1. The desired course has now been added.
  2. Click Select Components.
  1. Select Content.
  2. Select Select individual items to copy.
  3. Click Continue.
  1. Select the desired SCORM object. When the SCORM object is located in a sub module, Brightspace will also copy the main module. After you have copied the object you can move it to the preferred (sub)module in the Content component of your course.
  2. Click Continue.
  1. You can see how many items you are going to copy.
  2. Select Offset all dates of copy components if you know when the item has to become available in the goal course.
  3. Click Finish.
  1. You will see an overview of the copied items. Please note that this overview will show all items you have copies to your course; now and earlier, meaning it is not just about the current copy.
  2. Click View Content to view the items. Move the SCORM object to the right (sub)module.

Copy an entire course with a SCORM object: repair the problem

After you have copied an entire course from one place to another, you can fix the problem with the grade items by deleting the wrongly copied grade item from the goal course.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Grades. 
  1. Click Manage Grades.
  2. There will be two grade items; delete the one without 'Association - External Learning Tool'. Please note that the grade item with Association will only be visible when a student has entered a submission for the SCORM object.
  3. Neither the copied grade item nor the automatically generated grade item will be in a category. This means that you will have to ass the new automatically generated item to the right category, with the right amount of weight. To do this, first click the arrow behind the grade item and then click Edit.
  1. Use Category to go to the drop-down menu and select under which category the grade item should be placed. Click New Category if you want to create a new category.
  2. Enter the correct weight for the assignment under Weight.
  3. Click Save and Close.
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