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How does Pitch2Peer work?

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Pitch2Peer is a feedback tool that allows students to provide feedback to one another. Pitch2Peer is linked to Brightspace.

How do I use Pitch2Peer in Brightspace?

Navigate to the course you want to use Pitch2Peer in.

  • Click Content.

Navigate to the Content component you want to add Pitch2Peer to.

  1. Click Existing Activities;
  2. Click Pitch2Peer.
  • Click Add Pitch2Peer.
  • Click the link that appears in the content.

Pitch2Peer will now open.

For more instructions on working with Pitch2Peer you can use the Pitch2Peer manuals. They can be accessed by clicking the Help button in the opened screen.

If you want to work in Pitch2Peer and view the manual at the same time, you can duplicate your browser window. This way, you can work in one window and read in the other. 

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