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What can I do under Content?

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In Brightspace you can structure your course under Content: Here you can create a welcoming page (Overview) and organise the course program in (sub)modules which you can fill with important information about the course such as: a course syllabus, media files and documents, links to web pages or Brightspace activities like discussions and quizzes for instance. By doing so, you can create a clear overview of the course and help students navigate easily through the course material.

Click Content in the navbar of your course. Using the menu on the left-side of the page you can navigate to:

  • Overview (start page): this is the page that students first land on when they navigate to the content page of the course. Use this page to:
    • welcome the students with a personal message;
    • introduce students to the course content, requirements, schedule and material;
    • provide additional information on the connection between the different (sub)modules;
    • share general information such as contact details.
  • Bookmarks: in the bookmark overview you will find all topics (PDF-files, quizzes, assignments etc.) which you have personally bookmarked, enabling you to navigate to certain topics quickly and easily.
  • Course Schedule: this page displays the calendar.  
  • Table of Contents: The entire course content is displayed through the format of a Table of Contents, a categorized list of (sub)modules and topics. Create a well-structured course and opt for a logical layout. You can for instance create a module for each course week and place the corresponding course material, such as PowerPoint presentations or e-books, therein. You can upload files from your computer and place links to web pages or activities such as as quizzes and assignments.
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