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How do I assess multiple students at once with Enter Grades?

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Enter Grades can be used to assign a grade to both individual students and multiple students at once. Additionally, you can edit the assessments you have given earlier, for example with Assignments.

Please note: the final grades must always be admitted to OSIRIS. Submitting grades to Brightspace is merely a way to assess course components.

Enter assessments per grade item

  • Click Administration in the nav bar and then click Grades.
User List - SOO-BTH-TESTCURSUS-01 - Radboud University - Google Chrome
  1. Click the Enter Grades tab.
  2. Click the arrow behind the grade item you want to assess.
  3. Click Enter Grades.
  1. Download the submitted assignment below Submission.
  2. For Grade you can enter the amount of points you want to assign to the student. In this example, the maximum amount of points they can acquire is 10, so the amount of points you enter automatically becomes the grade. 
  3. If you click the pencil below Feedback, the feedback window will open:
  1. Use the top field to provide feedback for the student. The student can then find this feedback in both Grades and Activities.
  2. The second field is a space to leave a comment for the other course participants who have assessment rights. The student cannot see this comment.
  3. Click Save.

Enter Grades is a quick way to enter the assessment of multiple students at once. For example when the assignments were assessed offline first and the lecturer wants to enter the assessment afterwards. However, when a rubric has been attached to the grade item, Enter Grades can only be used to rectify a grade. Filling out the rubric has to be done via Activity.

Give multiple students the same assessment

If you want to give students the same assessments, for example because they made a group assignment, you can also do this with Enter Grades. You can assign both the same amount of points and the same feedback.

  1. Select the students you want to give the same assessment.
  2. Click Set Grades. Then enter the number of points and click Save. 
  3. Click Add Feedback to give the selected students the same feedback. The feedback screen will appear as a pop-up. Enter the feedback and click Save.
Grade Item: in-class assignment 2 - SOO-BTH-TESTCURSUS-01 - Radboud University - Google Chrome
  • The assessment will now appear below Grade. Click Save and Close.

Release all altered grades at once

You can release and revoke a final assessment provided via Brightspace at once.

  • Navigate to Administration and then go to Grades.
User List - SOO-BTH-TESTCURSUS-01 - Radboud University - Google Chrome
  1. Click the arrow behind Final Calculated Grade.
  2. Click Enter Grades.
  1. Below Final Calculated Grade you will find the automatically calculated final grade. 
  2. Below Final Adjusted Grade you can manually edit the final assessment.
  3. Then click the arrow behind Final Grades.
  4. Click Release All to release the Final Adjusted Grades or click Unrelease All to revoke them again.
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