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How do I edit videos in Content?

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When you have used Upload/Create to add a video to Content, then you can edit this video in Brightspace. Read the manual How do I add audio and/or video to my course? to learn how to upload a video.

Although it is possible to edit a video in Brightspace, it is recommended to work with Kaltura. Read more about uploading and editing with Kaltura in the manual chapter Video: Kaltura.

Note: The editing features are only available for videos that were uploaded after 28 January 2022.

Marking and cutting

  • Click Advanced Editing.

You will find the following editing options from left to right:

  • Seek (arrow icon): When you click this button you go back to using the regular mouse. This means you also have to click it once you are finished with the cutting. You can use your mouse to go over the black bar below the video in order to search a point you want to edit. The video image will change as you move.
  • Mark (bar icon): Click this button to activate the feature. You can now click points in the black bar to mark these points. The grey bars on the black bar are marked points. 
  • Cut (scissors icoon): Click this arrow to activate this feature. You can now click the part between two markings to delete them. That piece of the bar will become red and be removed when you save the edited video.

On the top left corner you can find the option Optimize for Streaming. When clicking on this, Brightspace will change the video to a version which is suitable for streaming to a mobile phone for example.

Add chapters

  1. Enter the title of a chapter in the text box.
  2. Click the plus icon to add a chapter.
  3. Then click the point in the video where you want to start the chapter (for example at a marking).
  4. Then click the timer icon next to the chapter to add this start time to the chapter.
  5. Click Save Draft to save the chapter temporarily or click Finish to save and upload it.

The changes will now be saved. This might take some time. Close the window when the video is saved.

You will now go to the upload page. Click Save to add the edited video to Content.

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