How do I add quicklinks to the Editor?

You can use the Editor to link to other parts of your Brightspace course like Announcements, Assignments, and course files.

  • Click on Insert Quicklink.
  • Click on the component you want to link to and then select the desired item. The component will then appear as a link in the editor.


The HTML Editor can be used to link to a course component or a file that is used elsewhere in the course. You can, for example, place a quicklink in a module to link to an assignment that is relevant in that specific week.

  1. Go to Content in the navbar of your course.
  2. Go to the specific (sub)module.
  3. Click on Upload/Create.
  4. Click on Create a File.
  1. Give the file a title.
  2. Click on Insert Quicklink.
  • Click on Assignments.
  • Click on the assignment to add it to the editor.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the assignment to change the settings before adding the assignment.
  1. If you wish, you can change the title for the link below Title. This will not change the name of the item, but rather the text linking to the item.
  2. Indicate whether the assignment is opened in the entire current window (Whole Window) , in the same part of the screen as the message displayed (Same Frame), or in a new window (New Window).
  3. Click Insert.
  1. The blue text in the editor is the newly created link. You can also add a description for your students.
  2. Click on Save and Close to make the file and the link available in your course. Click on Save if you want to make adjustments at a later moment or if you do not want to make the link available to students.

It is also possible to link to a module using a quicklink. You can do this by clicking on Insert Quicklink and selecting Content. Search for the module you want to link to and click on the plus button behind the module’s name. You can now add the link to the module by clicking on Insert.