How do I log in to Brightspace?

Brightspace is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone. If you log in for the first time, you first have to create an account in Brightspace. This can be done at the Radboud University Accountportal. Radboud University employees can do this themselves, Radboudumc employees have to contact

For more information about creating a Brightspace account, please refer to the following manual: How do I create a Brightspace account?

After you have created your account, start the browser and go to A login screen will then appear.

You will land on the SURFconext page where you have to select an institution. Select Radboud University to log in using your U, E, or S-number, or select Radboudumc to log in using your z-number.

Are you a Radboudumc employee and are you logging in for the first time? For this one time only, select Radboud University. Use your z-number and newly created password to log in. Next time you can use your Z-number and Radboudumc password to log in using the Radboudumc setting.

  • Fill in your username and password and click Login. Use your Radboud account (U-, E-, or Z-number).
  • The first time only a screen appears in which you give permission to use your credentials for Brightspace identification. Read the text and click ‘Yes, continue…’

You are now logged into Brightspace.

Having trouble logging in? Send an e-mail to with your U-, E-, or Z-number.