How do I activate/deactivate a course?

A Brightspace course created via the OSIRIS-link is active by default. This means that the course is visible to students. In addition, start and end dates are not automatically set. It is possible to keep a course closed until you wish for students to see it, for example when the course is fully edited or one week before the start of the lectures.

Updates in OSIRIS will not overwrite the status of the course nor the start and/or end date.

  • Navigate to Administration in the Navigation bar of your course.
  • Click on Course Admin.
  • Click on Course Offering Information below Site Setup.

You can hide the course for students via the following two options:

  1. Configure a start and/or end date.
  2. Switching the course to inactive.

Option 1 is the preferred option to hide a course for students. When you use a start date, instead of switching a course to inactive, the course will still be visible for the students but they will not be able to access it. It will also negate the risk of accidentally forgetting to switch the course back to active.

  1. Add a start date (and/or end date) to your course: check the Course has a start date box and fill in the specific date and time from the moment the course should become available to students. Students will see the course on their homepages (if they pinned it) and the start date will appear on the course banner. They will, however, not be able to access the course until the start date and time have passed.
  2. If you do want to switch the course to inactive, then uncheck the Course is Active box.
    NB: do not forget to check the box once the students should have access to the course because the course will be invisible for students until you recheck the Course is Active box!

Courses with a start date are visible to students. The course is grayed out on the homepage until the course starts. The start date can be found in the description.