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How do I assess a quiz (grade item)?

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If you want to assess a quiz using a grade item, you first have to attach a grade item to the quiz. If you want to learn more, read the article How do I attach a grade item to a quiz?

  • Click Activities in the navbar of your course and then click Quizzes. You will navigate to the Manage-Quizzes tab.
  1. Click the fold-out arrow next to the quiz you want to assess.
  2. Click Grade. You will navigate to the Users tab.


  1. Go to the Users tab to see the names of all of the students in the course as well as how many quiz attempts they have completed.
  2. You have three filter options:
    • Use View By to select whether you want to see all students (User) or all students from a specific group (Groups). Click Apply to apply your selection.
    • Use Search For to search for a specific student.
    • Use Restrict to if you only want to see students who:
      • have not completed a quiz attempt;
      • have completed a quiz attempt;
      • still need to finish one or multiple quiz attempts;
      • have already been assessed;
      • have previously viewed quiz attempts.
    • Select Users who are exempt if you want to see the students who are exempt.
    • It is also possible to use Restrict to to select which questions with a certain status you want to see:
      • All evaluations: all questions;
      • Published evaluations: published and assessed questions;
      • Unpublished evaluations: unpublished and assessed questions; 
      • Pending evaluations: unassessed questions.
  3. Select More Actions to change the display settings of the table. Then click Display options.
    • Use Display Options to select which details of a quiz attempt you will see under Users and Attempts: the achieved score (Quiz Score), the grade scheme that was used (Quiz Score) and when an attempt is completed (Completed).
  4. Click on an attempt to assess it.
  1. Use Attempt to switch between the different attempts of the same student.
  2. Attempt... will show you the details of the attempt.
  3. Click Reset Evaluation to automatically assess the attempt. Note that selecting this option will overwrite every change you have made so far while assessing this attempt.
  4. Enter a score manually if desired.
  5. Student View Preview shows you how students will see their score. Click the arrow to change the settings. Note that by changing the setting here, you will overwrite the default view for this grade item.
  6. Use Attempt Feedback to enter feedback for this score. The feedback is always visible for the student.
  7. Use Quiz Results to see the answers students have given for each question of the quiz as well as the correct answers and the score Brightspace assigned for each question. You can change the score and add feedback (or change default feedback) for each question.
  8. Click Publish to save and publish the assessment or Save Draft to save but not publish the assesment. If you already graded the assignment before, you can choose to Update or Retract the grade.


  1. The Attempts tab will show all the attempts of all the students in a horizontal row.
  2. You can filter on a quiz attempt rather than on a student:
    • Use Restrict to to select whether you want to see all completed attempts, the completed attempts within a certain period, the attempts that have not been completed or the attempts you have viewed previously.
    • Then you can select whether you want to see assessed or unassessed attempts, attempts with a score higher or lower than a certain percentage, attempts that have been completed before or after a certain date, or attempts by students who are exempted. 
  3. Click an attempt to assess it. You will navigate to the same screen you would go to when you select an attempt on the Users tab.
  4. Click here to assess a new attempt when a student has taken a quiz again.


Use the Questions tab to assess attempts per question instead of per attempt or student.

  1. Select Grade Individual Responses to assess the given answers
    • Select Hide learner's names if you do not want to see which student gave what answer when you assess the answers. Note that this option is turned off by default.
    • Select View Graded Responses if you do not want to assess any answer that have been previously assessed by you or another teacher in the course. Note that this option is turned on by default.
  2. Select Update All Attempts if you want to update all attempts after altering a quiz question.
  3. Click a question to assess the answers.

If you have altered the quiz after the students have submitted attempts, the old questions can be found under Questions that are not in the quiz anymore.

  1. Use the arrows or click the numbers to navigate to a previous/next attempt.
    • You can have multiple attempts on one page, which means you have to navigate less. To do this, click the fold-out arrow and select how many answers you want to see on a page in the drop-down menu.
  2. The gray bar shows which students has given the answer. If you have selected the Blind Marking option, you will see a number instead of a name.
  3. The submitted answer will be below the gray bar. A check mark will appear behind the answer if Brightspace has marked the answer as correct.
  4. The current score for the answer can be found under Score. You can change this if desired.
  5. Click Expand question feedback to add feedback or change the default feedback if desired.
  6. Click Save to save a score and feedback, or click Save and Continue to save the assessment and directly go to the next attempt. Click Go Back to Questions to return to the Questions tab.

You are browsing through all attempts of all students. If students have handed in multiple attempts, you will not be able to see when you go to the next student if Blind Marking is turned on. This will not be a problem if you want to assess all attempts. If you only want to assess specific attempts (for example the last attempt) this method is not useful. To save yourself time it is advised to turn Blind Marking off or to assess the attempts based on attempt rather than per question.

Publish assessments and export attempts

  1. Navigate to Users or Attempts.
  2. Check the boxes of the attempts for which you want to publish the feedback.
  3. Click Publish Feedback. All attempts will be selected by default if you have selected that attempts will automatically appear in the grade book while setting up the settings of the quiz. Note that if you do not want to publish all attempts you have to deselect the attempts concerned.
  4. You can also export the attempts to a .csv file (Export to CSV) or an Excel file (Export to Excel). You can also export the event logs to a .csv-file (Export Event Logs). An event log is an overview of when an attempt was opened, filled out and saved by a student.
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