How do I manage Intelligent Agents? Administration | Course Admin

Enable/disable intelligent agents and deleting them

While creating the intelligent agent you can choose whether you want to activate it immediately.
You can also turn scheduled intelligent agents on or off and/or delete them while on the Agent-List page.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click  Course Admin.
  • Click Intelligent Agents below Communication.
  1. Select the intelligent agent.
  2. Click Enable/Disable to turn the intelligent agent on or off.
  3. Click Delete to delete the intelligent agent.

    You can also delete the intelligent agent using the quick menu:
  4. Click the fold-out arrow next to the intelligent agent.
  5. Click Delete.

Restore an intelligent agent

You can easily restore previously deleted intelligent agents.

  1. Click More Actions in the Agent-List page.
  2. Click Restore.

View history

For each intelligent agent you can see when emails were sent, and to whom. 

  1. Click the fold-out arrow behind an intelligent agent while on the Agent-List page.
  2. Click View History.

You will see: 

  • when the intelligent agent has evaluated (Date);
  • how many students met the criteria (Result);
  • the type of evaluation (Type);
  • whether the intelligent agent has evaluated automatically or manually (Run By).

    Click ...users identified to see which students have met the criteria and which action the intelligent agent has undertaken (for example whether an email has been sent to the students).

Export history to Excel

It is possible to transfer the history of an intelligent agent to a csv-file, which can then be opened in Excel. You have several options, such as choosing for which intelligent agent you want to export the history, whether you want to export practice runs and you can add a range of dates.

There are two ways to export the history:

  1. Select the desired intelligent agent(s).
  2. Click More Actions and then click Export Agent History.


  3. Click the fold-out arrow next to the desired intelligent agent.
  4. Click Export History.
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the intelligent agents of which you wish to export the history. If you want to export the history of all intelligent agents, click on All.
  2. Select Include Practice Runs if you also want to export the history of the practice runs.
  3. Enter the start date (From This Date) and end date (To This Date) of the times you wish to export the history from.
  4. Click Export.
  • Click the link to download the csv-file.
  • Make sure to locate the file in the right place.

If you want to open the file in Excel it is smarter to do so by using the Excel program rather than open it from the file itself. If you use the latter option, all the information will be in one cell. 

  • Open Excel.
  • Open an empty folder.
  1. Click Data.
  2. Click From Text. Search for the correct file and open it. The Text Import Wizard will now appear.
  1. Select Delimited.
  2. Click Next.
  1. Select Comma as delimiter.
  2. Click Finish. Then click OK.

The information is now imported into Excel.