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How do I copy components from one course to another? Home | Settings

It is possible to copy both the structure and the content (modules and activities) from one course to the other, enabling you to structure different courses the same way or using the same quiz in more than one course.

You can use this option to copy course components if you want to copy one or several items from one course to another.

  • Navigate to the course from which you want to copy the items.
  • Click Course Admin.
  • Click Import/Export/Copy Components.
  1. Select Copy Components from another Org Unit to copy components from another course to your course. Then search for the course from which you want to copy components (Search for offering).
  2. Do you have an extensive course with many documents, assignments and conditions? Then choose Copy All Components to copy all components to the new course. Read more about copy an extensive course in the manual:  Copy Course: How do I copy the structure and content from one course to another?
  3. Do you have a simple course containing a few documents without (group) restrictions, release conditions and/or internal links? Then choose Select Components to select which components you want to copy. Then follow the steps.

If you copy a topic, the path (the (sub)module to that topic will also be copied.

Do you want to use a rubric from one course in another one? It is important that you do not copy the associations with the rubric from the source course. You can read more about doing this in the article How do I copy a rubric from one course to another?

Select Components

At the top of this page you see an overview of the components in the current course.

  1. Click Hide the current course components to hide the overview.
  2. Click on the icon under View Detail to view the items of that specific part in the current course in a popup screen.

At the bottom of this page you can choose which parts you want to copy from the selected source course. You can copy all items from that item or select individual items.

  • Choose individual items and check which specific items you want to copy in the subsequent screens. When copying course files of the html type including inline images, make sure to also include the associated source files.

Click Continue.

In the last screen you will receive a confirmation of the number of components to be copied.

  1. Check Offset Dates option to shift the linked data of all components.
  2. Click Finish to copy the selected items. This may take a while, depending on the size and the number of components you want to copy.

Pay attention to whether you are dealing with the following situation when you are copying assignments:

  • Copying separate assignments that are connected to a Brightspace rubric.
    In this case you have to copy both the assignment and the connected Brightspace rubric. If you only copy the assignment without explicitly adding the connected rubric, it will look like the rubric was copied in the goal course. Assignment Properties still shows a referral to the rubric. However, you will get an error when you click it.